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Michael Vick

August 19, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick last week, and the city of Philadelphia is abuzz with talk about whether it was the *right* move or not. Comments range from “How could they?” to “I’m boycotting the Eagles!” to “Where can I pick up a No. 7 jersey?”

Me. I’m friggin’ Switzerland.

It would be hypocritical of me to say that I am disappointed in the Eagles, because I at least know myself well enough to admit that I will be cheering the second Vick steps into the end zone this fall. Sports is a business — albeit a special one — and the Eagles can tallk all they want about “second chances” and rehabilitation. It’s all a bunch of BS.

This was a business decision, pure and simple. The Eagles calculated that this player could help their team win, and that meant more to them that the publicity nightmare they would face by signing him.

And lest you think I am overly-rational, let me just say that if he had signed with the Giants, Redskins, or — God forbid — the Cowboys, I would have been bashing the decision as one of the worst in sports history. You can’t spell FAN-atic without Fan.